White wine is produced by fresh grapes of the variety Vilana. The mountainous vineyards of the zone of Peza offer the ideal conditions for the cultivation of Vilana.
While it is vinified on its own for PDO Peza whites, for PDO Sitia whites it is aromatically enhanced with a little from the white variety Thrapsathiri. 

The white variety Vilana gives wines with a moderately deep yellow color, medium intensity of aromas in the nose and mouth. Fresh and well-formed wines, light in body, with soft acidity and medium alcohol. The white dry wine PDO Peza is produced with the classic white wine vinification method, or with the pre-fermentation extraction (skin contact) method. 

Then follows the static debourbage and the inoculation with a pure culture of selected yeasts, which reflect the aromatic character of each variety. The temperature during the alcoholic fermentation doesn’t exceed 20 °C. 

Vilana is the white variety of the PDO Peza white wines and may be the most commonly grown variety in Crete. The special art of making wine from it requires experience, as it is a sensitive variety, creating a wine of medium acidity and flowery aromas.


The red wine PDO Peza is produced with co-fermentation of fresh grapes of the varieties Kotsifali and Mandilaria. Kotsifali also contributes to the wines of PDO Archanes, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes and PDO Sitia. Although not required by regulations, the PDO Peza reds traditionally contain a ratio of about 75% Kotsifali and 25% Mandilaria. 

The red variety Kotsifali is one of the most remarkable red varieties in Crete, while the red variety Mandilaria stands out for its rich color. Thus, their combination is considered particularly successful. They are perfectly combined, as Kotsifali gives wines with high alcohol content and intense aromas, while Mandilaria gives wines of high acidity with intense red color. 

The varietal combination is similar to that of red wines of the PDO Archanes zone, but the wines of Peza differ elegantly from the zone of Archanes. The dry red wine Peza is produced with the classic red vinification method. The alcoholic fermentation of the grape must and of the wine after the separation from the marks is carried out at controlled temperatures below 30°C. 

The red varietals that go into making the PDO Peza red wines are 75% Kotsifali and 25% Mandilari. Kotsifali, known as the region's Merlot, is a very compact cluster of medium-sized grapes, rich in alcohol and aromas. In contrast, Mandilari has a more intense red colour, with hard, rich tannins and a fruity aroma. It is considered the king of the island's indigenous varieties, and is blended with Kotsifali to create the balanced wine produced here for many generations.